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As the weather heats up, make sure you are prepared!

Planning a trip to the pool this Summer? The Australian sun can be harmful so make sure you're prepared before you set out. Sunscreen whenever you're going outdoors is important and being prepared with plenty of water for the whole family. If it's going to be an extended trip consider packing some fruit. Though you may not need it a basic first aid kit is always a good thing to have.

If you're heading to a WynActive centre this summer, especially in times of extreme heat, we encourage you to visit our WynActive Facebook page to check for updates regarding our three sites. Already this summer we have experienced a lock-out at AquaPulse during extreme hot weather (members can still gain access to the gym via the members entrance). We will also be posting updates across Twitter and

Keep an eye out for our traffic lights updates over the warmer months.

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