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For years there has been a chasm between what Fast Food shows in their ads and what they serve in store.

We’re calling on Fast Food to serve water with their kids’ meals, just like their ads say they do.

Add your voice to the #waterwiththat campaign by visiting   

Key Points

  • 93% of Aussie parents want fast food to serve #waterwiththat.
    • 47 per cent of children aged 2-18 years consuming a sugary drink on a daily basis.
    • Australian fast food restaurants must be held accountable for encouraging the consumption of sugar-laden drinks to children.
    • Along with overweight and obesity concerns, sugary drinks also contribute to tooth decay. 40% of Australian children aged 12 have decay in their adult teeth.

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Parents’ Voice is calling on all signatories of the QSRI (Quick Service Restaurant Initiative for Responsible Advertising and Marketing to Children) to serve water as the default drink option with kids’ meals. The list includes Chicken Treat, Hungry Jack’s, KFC, McDonald’s, Oporto, Pizza Hut and Red Rooster.

As the healthiest drink option, water should always be served with kids’ meals. It is imperative Fast Food adopts this change to make a positive contribution to the health of our children.

Send a strong message to Fast Food – sign the petition to support #waterwiththat.

You can also contact us at for further information.