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Cyr and German Wheel Club introduces people of all ages to the sport and spectacle of Wheel Gymnastics.

We invite children, teens and adults to join our diverse and inclusive community and roll with us – to perform, compete, stay fit or simply for the supreme fun of it.

In teaching people to harness the motion of the wheel we seek to bring out each individual’s innate superstar; to empower via the confidence that flourishes when mastering great feats and to foster the satisfaction and happiness derived from cooperation and teamwork.

To complement the art of wheel and for cross-training opportunities, we offer basic instruction in modern circus arts through which children and adults can find yet more creative ways to connect, perform and shine.


This term 1 we are running German Wheel classes for kids and adults. 

German Wheel Kids class $20 on Sunday 11:30am 

German Wheel Adult class $25 on 

Tuesday 6pm and Sunday 12:30pm 


Cyr Wheel from 14+ years old class $35 on

Sunday 12:30pm and Tuesday 6pm


All classes based on school terms.

Term 1 from 2 February until 29 March 

Term 2 from 19 April until 28 June 

Term 3 from 19 July until 27 September 

Term 4 from 11 October until 13 December   


CLICK HERE to download the Cyr & German Wheel Club Calendar 2020 (also copied below).


Contact: Ludwig Schukin

Phone: 0405 198 468






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