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Things to know about Werribee Outdoor Pool


Cérge – Your digital concierge.

The Cérge companion app allows guests to send a notification to the centre, notifying our team of their upcoming arrival and providing any need-to-know information about their disability. Please watch this video for more information.
Visit the WynActive companion website for a sneak peek into WynActive. The companion website includes:
  • A visual story of arriving at the centre, including the sounds, smells, feels and looks like at various points of a visit.
  • An access guide, showcasing the accessible features of each centre.
  • A 360 degree virtual tour.
  • A.I. generated audio guide.
  • Werribee Outdoor Pool

  • Ramp access to the facility entrances
  • Wheelchair accessible parking
  • Ramp access to the 50-metre pool
  • Beach entry to the leisure Pool
  • MLAK Key

    Master Lock Access Key (MLAK) system is a unique and innovative system that uses a universal lock and key to allow people with special needs to access dedicated public facilities. 
    For more information about MLAK visit our FAQ page here.


    All websites are equipped with Google Translator, simply click the ‘Select Language’ drop box on the top right-hand side of any of our web pages to select your preferred language. 
    Our Service Desk team are also equipped with language and sign assistance cards to assist any customer that may require these to communicate.

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