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Things to know about Werribee Outdoor Pool

traffic lights & capacity information

Please note, when the venue reaches its full capacity RED, a lock out may be required to maintain the safety of our patrons and members. Information relating to our lock out procedure is outlined below.


To find out more about our Hot Weather Guidelines please read the attached pdf file.

A lock out is when we do not allow any new patron/s into the venue as it is considered at full capacity. The safety of all our patrons, staff and visitors are our priority at all times, and for public safety reasons a lock out will be initiated.

Werribee Outdoor Pool conduct lock outs during peak periods to manage the safety of all visitors. A lock out will occur mainly in the aquatic areas and is most likely to happen on hot days when there are several hundred people using aquatic facilities.

There is no set time that a lock out will run for as it largely depends on how many patrons exit the impacted area before more patrons are let in.  Pass-outs are not issued during a lock out period.

If you are a member with a booking, or here to use the gym, please proceed to the Service desk.